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BeRobot Robotic Development Platform 15DOF White

GeStream is a Robotic Designer, we design and manufacture Education robots, Security robots, Industrial robots, Servo motor, Control board, Sensors and key components in Taiwan. BeRobot is listed in Guinness World Records , its embedded robotic development platform enables lots of incredible featu

Robotic Scorpion

BeRobot Servo*9, Al-Mg Alloy Bracket*10, Plastic Shell Package*1, BeRobot Controller PCB*1, Color LED*1, Motion commander software CD*1, USB command downloader*1, Screw driver*19*Robotic Servo motor, 10*Al-Mg Alloy Bracket, Body Enclosure, BeRobot Control PCB (Concurrently Digital Control 16 Servo

BR_Robot Arm_Single Profession Kits Unassembly

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Gestream Technology lnc. is a robotic technology company in Taiwan, we are dedicated to providing innovative robots that are affordable and easy to use.
Our mission:Creating innovation in life, Simplicity, Convenience, Unique and Youth.
Our product team members provide leading designs in mechanism, electric-machinery, optoelectronics, interactive sensors, communication, and online platforms.
We have more than 10 years of manufacturing experiences in robotic fields. We offer high quality of Robots to customers.

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