1.    Guinness World Records (The smallest humanoid robot in production is the BeRobot, which measures 153 mm (6 in) high and is able to walk, kick and perform push-ups. The robot was manufactured by GeStream (Taiwan))

2.    Certificate of Golden Pin Design Product(Industrial Development Bureau)

3.    Certificate of IDA Congress(The International Design Alliance)

4.    The Award for Business StartUp(Ministry of Economic Affairs)

5.    The International Robot Competition

6.    The IRCC International Robot Competition

7.    The National Quality Assurance Golden Award

8.    The Industrial Innovation Achievement Award(Ministry of Economic Affairs)

9.    The Certificate of Technological Service Organization(Industrial Development Bureau)

10. The Jin-Yi Award Creative Design Award for Photovoltaics and Application

11. Innovative Elite 2014 Top100 Awards

12. The Product Insurance from Zurich insurance LTD

13. IEEE IECON papers