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    Humanoid Robot 吉尼斯世界紀錄機械人

    Key Features

    1. The smallest humanoid robot, stands at 15cm tall, can be reformed as different type of robots.
    2. Remote control unit/ Infrared Transmission.
    3. Power: The BeRobot can perform approximately 2hours under normal operation by using fully charged NiMH AAA batteries or new alkaline batteries. (Actual operating time will vary depends on servo speed, operation, brand of batteries), Power range: 4.8V~6V DC.
    4. Programmable 16 D.O.F . (Degree of Freedom). Control 16 servo motors to produce more than 65536 motions.
    5. The BeRobot can plug-in many kinds of control unit or sensor unit, such as: gyro unit, voice control unit, image sensor unit, ultrasonic sensor unit, Bluetooth control unit, Zigbee control unit, 2G/3G mobile phone control unit by its embedded 8 external interfaces.
    6. Multi-PWM output control system.
    7. Built-in Speaker Unit.
    8. UART interface/ UART connection Line. (Wireless UART is optional).
    9. BeRobot motion download and re-combination software. It’s easy to update robotic motion via UART Line.
    10. BeRobot motion program software. The graphic user friendly PC software can precisely control 15-24 servo units with 6 speeds and 255 remote control command sets. It is easy to position the servos for each sequence. (Professional version).
    11. CPU/Firmware is programmable via ISP interface. (Professional version).
    12. The body is combined with Al-Mg alloy, which is lighter and stronger than plastic material.
    13. Servo units: Highly precision robotic technology, special designed servo motors embedded with clutches and SOC. It’s strong, speedy and stable.
    14. Robotic technology Learning system. (Professional version).
    15. Patented

    16. It is easy to be reconfigured as various robotic types, such as robotic dog....etc.

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