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BeRobot_snake Profession Kits Unassembly
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    DIY STEAM Robot with Guinness World Record


    • Type:Educational,Home
    • BeRobot Control PCB:1
    • BeRobot Motion Commander Software:1
    • Body Enclosure:1
    • USB command cable:1
    • Al-Mg Alloy Bracket:6
    • Box :23cm*13cm*8.5cm
    • Demo movies:1
    • Expansion IO:8
    • IR Sensor:1
    • Motion program codes:1
    • Remote controller:1
    • Robotic Servo motor:6
    • Screw driver:1
    • Step-by-Step 3D DIY Animation and User manual:1
    • blue LED:1

    Key Features

    The BeRobot line is a fully-featured robotic technology development platform with range of artificial intelligence functions that includes programmable movements, sensor functions, wired and wireless remote control, an easy-to-use graphical user interface, and easy access to programming functions. Robust functionality and ease of use makes BeRobot a world-class solution for technology educators to enhance training in industrial engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence.


    6*Robotic Servo motor, 6*Al-Mg Alloy Bracket, Body Enclosure, BeRobot Control PCB (Concurrently Digital Control 16 Servo Motor, Speed Engine 1~6) , 8*Expansion IO, USB command cable, Demo movies, Motion program codes, Screw driver,  BeRobot Motion Commander Software, 1*blue LED, IR Sensor, Remote controller, Step-by-Step 3D DIY Animation and User manual, Box (Size:23cm*13cm*8.5cm)


    Innovative RoboticEducation:

    ¨  Steps by steps detail DIY teaching books, including 3D animation, 3D diagrams, programming User Manual

    ¨  More than 30 experiments curriculums for learning Programming, Mechanism design, Electronic design, Automatic Control, Sensors Interactive, Motion Balance

    ¨  More than 30 Mini Robot Competition every year in autonomous or remote controlled mode.


    Guinness World Records, Industrial Innovation Achievement Award, National Quality Assurance Golden Award, Business Start-Up Award, Jin-Yi Award Creative Design Award, Golden PIN Award, Product Insurance from Zurich insurance, Certification by International Design Alliance, Certificate of Technological Service Organization, Mini Robot Cup Organizer, Maker Faire Competition Organizer, International Robot Competition Championship

    Made in Taiwan with best quality and ROHS compliant.

    GeStream is a Robotic Designer, we design and manufacture Education robots, Security robots, Industrial robots, Servo motor, Control board, Sensors and key components in Taiwan. BeRobot is listed in Guinness World Records , its embedded robotic development platform enables lots of incredible features and development materials. www.BeRobot.com


    Q: How to contact with you?

    A : If you are interested in our products, our Taiwan trade website have our contact information, so please don't hesitate to send us an inquiry or email us. We will happy to get your Information.

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    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:5 Piece(s)


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