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Robot Controller PCB

  • Model No.:BeRobot Control Board
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Robotic Control customized Design

Key Features

GeStream CPU: up to 40MHz clock, 64Kbyte Flash, 512byte RAM, 8bit bi-directional/bit-addressable IO port, one 4bit programmable IO port, three 16bit timer/counters, one full duplex serial port, built in power management,
USB IO port, IrDA IO port, Speaker IO port, Touch sensor IO port, Light sensor IO port, Expansion IO port, Batteries Input port

Software : BeRobot Motion commander 

Degree Of Freedom : 16DOF

Embedded with battery power saving technology to save much Power consummation.
Provide IRDA、UART/USB、8 GPIO interface (support Arduino sensor modules)
Fancy small Remote controller is easily to be programmed/defined its function.

Many optional Hardware extension modules (sensors, controller) for upgrading functions.

【Multi functional robotic controller】You can directly communicate with the BeRobot controller via USB、ZigBee、GPIO、blue tooth、Infrared remote controller、mobile phone….

There are 16 DOF controller、24 DOF controller、and 32 DOF controller which already built-in with several sensors and 8 expansion GPIO to upgrade the function of sensors or controller (such as: Gyro、Speed sensor、Video sensor、Ultra sonic sensor、RC controller、ZigBee controller、voice command controller、blue tooth controller、2G/3G mobile phone controller…).

Main Export Market

Africa ,Asia ,Central America ,Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,Oceania ,Other ,South America

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