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    Humanoid Robot 吉尼斯世界紀錄機械人


    • Type:Educational,Home
    • color:black

    Key Features


    ¨ Experimentsfor learning Mechanism design, Mechatronic design, Electronic design, AutomaticControl, Sensors Interactive, Motion Balance

    ¨ Mini RobotCompetition every year in autonomous or remote controlled mode.

    ¨ FriendlyGame-like Software (Graphic User Interface)forbeginner, to easily program/control robotic motions with real-time execution.

    ¨ Advanced version provide SDK and sourcecodes for engineer to design advanced projects in Microsoft VB, VC++, VC#.

    ¨ Bluetooth version provide Android APP to control BeRobot viasmartphone or computer.


    ¨ Embedded with power saving technology (Green Tech)to save power consummation.

    ¨ ProvideIRDA、UART/USB、8 GPIO interface (support Arduino sensor modules)

    ¨ Providefancy small Remotecontroller which is easilytobe programmed/defined itskey functions.

    ¨ (Optional) Many versatile expandable HardwareModules (sensors, controller boards) for upgrading functions.


    ¨  Highperformance, High precision, dual bearing Servo Motor with IC protection technology to prevent ServoIC from crash or burn down.

    ¨  Embedded with almost zero backlash gear sets and500k times of life cycles.


    ¨ BeRobot canbe reconstructed as hundreds of types, such as dog, dinosaur, scorpion, crab,humanoid…with durable Al-Mg alloy bracket.

    ¨ Small and cute, safety to use foryoung students. Easy to carry, easy to program robot at small table. Does notneed to occupy much space.

    ¨  Rotatable waist design made its performance morestylish.

    ¨ Easy to replace any damaged parts andsave maintenance costs.

    InnovativeRobotic Education:

    ¨ Includes 3D DIY animation, 3D Steps by steps User Manual (easy to Assemble/Program)

    The BeRobot from Gestream is the current Guinness World Record holder for the smallest humanoid robot in production since 2007.


    The BeRobot can show you how easy it is to build and program a real robot, not just a toy with simple behaviors. It is a robotic learning tool for engineers of all ages and abilities, from students to researchers and experienced hobbyists. It enables everyone to learn mechanics, electronics, robotic control and robotic programming.

    It is the perfect robot for parents or teachers who want their young children or students to learn about robotics for two key reasons;


    Guinness WorldRecords, International Robot Competition in China, Industrial Innovation Achievement Award, National QualityAssurance Golden Award, Business Start-Up Award, Jin-Yi AwardCreaative Design Award, Golden PIN Award, Product Insurance from Zurichinsurance, Certification by InternationalDesign Alliance,Mini Robot Cup

    Made in Taiwan with best quality andROHS compliant.

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