The Robotic Scientific education development kits

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    Guinness World Records

    Key Features

    BeRobot – the Robotic Scientific education development kits
    (Guinness World Records)

    Al-Mg alloy material
    1.6mm thickness
    Anoding process
    Special surface process
    Golden color

    【Most valuable Safety、lightly、variety and functions】

    BeRobot is a scientific experiment package for all kinds of students/engineers from elementary school to graduate school, research institute

    We design it with lightly weight, little servo torque, high quality Al-Mg alloy material and ROHS compatible materials to prevent from harming students.

    When you learn controlling BeRobot, it means you can control many kinds of multi-degree industrial robot, and even more, you can expand your RC controlling pleasure by expanding many sensors. BeRobot is one of the most valuable robotic development package with the advantage of safety、lightly、variety and many functions.





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